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Music and intelligence: A parent's evidence-based guide, Gwen Dewar Ph.D., Parenting Science

Correlational studies have reported a number of advantages for musically-trained children, ranging from better verbal and mathematical skills to higher scores on tests of working memory, cognitive flexibility, and IQ…

Musical Training Optimizes Brain Function, Christopher Bergland, The Athlete's Way, Psychology Today

Musical training increases brain volume and strengthens communication between brain areas. Playing an instrument changes how the brain interprets and integrates a wide range of sensory information, especially for those who start before age 7.

'Mozart effect': can classical music really make your baby smarter?, The Telegraph

Babies as young as 3 months can pick out that structure and even recognize classical music selections they have heard before. Researchers think the complexity of classical music is what primes the brain to solve spatial problems more quickly. So listening to classical music may have different effects on the brain than listening to other types of music.

Music, Children and Brain Development, Claudia M Gold M.D., Psychology Today

This story led me to wonder how this piece of information might help us to understand James’ brain. For some reason he couldn’t process all the sensory information coming at him in a busy social scene. But with the help of classical music, it was as if the neurons, the cells of his brain, lined up and began to work properly.