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I approached SymbolSmash because for years I had been using EYFS standard music curricula and started to find it unfulfilling. I was keen to find an educational package that introduces children to Classical music is a fun way utilising modern classroom technology.

SymbolSmash has helped me by providing an excellent and refreshing alternative. You can extract excellent resources from the online portal and build it into a presentation quickly. The story of Voyage to the Moon is enchanting and the musical characters are very endearing i.e Cedric Cello and Violet Violin.

The 12 week course whisked the Early Years and KS1 children along a musical journey together while managing successfully to differentiate between the age groups. Every child at school was part of the same learning experience. One thing that i found very encouraging from the start was that the children were all fully engaged with the story and the musical journey in equal measure.

I always judge the quality of my teaching experience by the level of genuine engagement in class. For that reason Symbol Smash has not let me down. I would recommend Symbol Smash to others pre prep schools because the resources are easy to use allowing for efficient planning. I believe that Symbol Smash combines the theoretical and practical aspects of music. Most importantly, it engages the young imagination providing an introduction to Classical music in a fun and accessible way.

  Gerard Holden

  St John’s Wood Pre-Preparatory School